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34 Reasons to Choose Residence Hall @ Brooklyn College vs. Regular Apartment!

Moving out for the first time to a new home can be a very costly endeavor. Along with the ongoing recurring expenses comes a very significant initial expense.

Below is a comparison chart that outlines clearly the value proposition of living at the Residence Hall @ Brooklyn College vs. a regular apartment.

While most of the advantages are quite quantifiable, some amenities, such as our 24/7/365 on-site security personnel, are invaluable and are not available in the vast majority of residential building.

Being able to choose and change a roommate is another valuable option available to residents. In a regular apartment, ALL roommates are always liable, jointly and separately, for each other's housing financial obligations. While the cost is implied and indirect, this is a very costly proposition nonetheless that can often result in a significant cost to tenants.

Common area for private and group study is another unique feature of Residence Hall @ Brooklyn College. Unlimited access to over 10,000 square feet of common space shared by the residence community is included in the price. Utilizing the common area doesn't only improve the academic abilities and grades, but also help improve and develop social skills.

Moving to the Residence Hall is an easy first step in the transition from living at home to living alone. The residence hall is an “apartment style” student housing facility, where students live in a unit with a kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, hot plate and a sink. 1 to 3 students (depending on your housing choice) share the kitchenette, a bathroom and a shower. The building has many state-of-the-art amenities including lounges, study rooms, laundry room, exercise room and much more.

Because it's Inexpensive!!! REGULAR APARTMENT  
1 Price Includes All Utilities & Amenities Starts at $1,000/month Over $1,500 $1,500 & Up
2 Residents Have Individual Financial Obligation Residents are NOT Effected by Non-Payment for Roommate Apartment Eviction/Loss of Utilities Priceless
3 Security Deposit & Up-Front Cost Only $500 First/Last Month Rent + Security Deposit = $2,500 & Up $4,500 & Up
4 Newly Constructed Facility Problem & Maintenance Free Persistent Problems & Hassles Priceless
5 Maintenance FREE Immediate Response & Repair by On-Site Crew Long Waits & Costly Repairs Priceless
6 Lock-Out Service  FREE 24/7- No Wait $200+ for Locksmith Service and/or Lock Replacement $200 & Up
7 Wi-Fi Internet INCLUDED $50/Month $50
8 Heat INCLUDED $100's in Winter Months $500
9 Electricity INCLUDED $60/Month $60
10 Cable INCLUDED $100/Month $100
11 Air Conditioning INCLUDED $100's in Summer Months $500
12 Appliances Includes Brand New Fridge, Microwave & Hotplate Usually Old & Worn $500
13 Furniture Fully Furnished- Bed, Mattress, Desk, Chair, Wardrobe, Blinds Not Included $1,500
14 Transportation Cost To & From Brooklyn College $0 Over $100/Month $100
15 Changing Roommate Choose and/or change your roommate with  no financial obligation Assuming financial obligation for leaving roommate, major hassle of getting re approved by landlord and will require a new lease. Priceless

Because it's Safe!!!      
16 Security Guard 24/7 Posted in Main Entrance Lobby X Priceless
17 Main Entrance Automatic Lock System After 5pm, Entrance is Locked- Security Guard Buzzes Residents In X Priceless
18 On-Site Director Director of Student Affairs Resides On Premises - 24/7 Contact  X Priceless
19 Resident Assistants (RA's) 24/7 Live-On Peer Mentor X Priceless
20 Close-Circuit Security Cameras Outside Perimeter, Entrances, Public Areas & Elevators- Monitored & Recorded X Priceless
21 Brooklyn College Shuttle/Escort To & From School FREE 24/7 X Priceless
22 Proximity To Transportation 1 Block To Buses, 2 Blocks To Subways Very Limited Availability In The Area Priceless
23 Fire Alarm Throughout Building, Monitored 24/7 Not Installed in Older Buildings Priceless
24 Smoke Detectors Included in Each Unit Not Installed in Older Buildings Priceless
25 Carbon Monoxide Detectors Included in Each Unit Not Installed in Older Buildings Priceless
26 Proximity to Brooklyn College 2 Short Blocks Very Limited Availability in the Area Priceless

For the Experience & Community!!!    
27 Exercise Room with Flat Screen TV 24/7- State-of-the Art Equipment X Priceless
28 Student Life & Activities Student club activities X Priceless
29 Elevators 2 New & Spacious X Priceless
30 Courtyard YES X Priceless
31 Community Kitchen Fully-Equipped with Large Fridge/Freezer, Stove, Oven & Microwave X Priceless
32 Floor Lounge  Spacious Area for 10 People on Almost Every Floor X
33 Building Lounge Spacious with 2 Large Flat Screen TV's X
34 Study Rooms Tables, Chairs, Sofa Chairs & Wi-Fi- Spacious Enough for Group Projects X

End Result: One Flat Fee & Hassle Free! All Inclusive starting at $1000/Month Expensive, Unsecure, Joint Responsibility for Costs with Roommates for $9,510  


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